Hello Officiating Community,

As we are all in the middle of this isolation period due to COVID- 19, we can't help but to wander off in our thoughts. As it pertains to officiating, we were abruptly taken away from our jobs indefinitely. We are asked to practice social distancing and many of our everyday places of interests are closed indefinitely. That one place includes the GYM. :-(

It is very easy to stock up on snacks and sit home as we wait for this to end. But, what happens when it's time to get back on the court?!

I encourage you all to devote an hour a day to your fitness. There are two apps that I love, which are extremely helpful during this time. Both apps can be found in the iOS and Google Play stores. The first is Sworkit which is an at home workout and fitness plan app. This app can also be used during the heavy points of the season. The second is Daily Yoga for Beginners which can be found in the iOS store as well.

I also encourage you to keep a journal of your nutrition intake during this time, simply writing down EVERYTHING you eat. You will notice trends, both positive and negative, that will become heightened to you. Those negative trends will require your focus to get rid of them!

Lastly, I can't stress how important it is to stay hydrated! A gallon a day is pivotal!

Feel free to add other suggestions in the comments of the blog as this is an interactive blog!

Take care, wash your hands, hydrate, and practice social distancing!

- Karleena Tobin

Founder of Eleven One Officiating, LLC

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