#PPPPP (Preseason Prep)

Proper preparation prevents poor performances. We all should be amped and locked into to our preparation for this 2019-2020 season! In fact our preparation should have never ended. The major key to being a successful official is what you do when you are alone and nobody is watching on a consistent basis!

Things to focus on as you prep! Keep in mind these are in no particular order!

  • 1. Fitness and Nutrition

  • 2. Rules Study, Study, Study!

  • 3. Video Breakdown ( Your games and other games)

  • 4. Organization! ( Calendars, Contracts, Clinics Registrations, Schedules)

  • 5. Floor Work!

I want you to start thinking about these and get started if you haven't already! I will dive more into detail on each topic in the blog posts to follow!

The Ball is in your court!

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